Vista -Managing Wireless Connection using “NETSH WLAN”

It is amazing the flexibility of the Netsh command when it comes to managing Wireless Connection in Vista .You can play with the wireless configuration ,export ,import ,delete ,etc… all from the netsh wlan command.

  • To add Wireless Profile :

NETSH wlan add profile filename=”C:\Users\WirelessUser\Documents\profile1.xml” Interface=”Wireless Network Connection”

  • Delete Wireless Profile

NETSH waln delete profile name=”Profile 1″ interface=*

  • Connect to Wireless Network :

NETSH wlan connect ssid=SSID1 name=Profile1

NETSH wlan connect ssid=SSID2 name=Profile2 interface=”Wireless Network Connection”

  • Disconnect to Wireless Network :

NETSH wlan disconnect

  • Export Wireless Profile to XML:

NETSH wlan export profile folder=C:\ Name=”MYSSID” interface = *

  • Show Commands
    1. NETSH wlan show all
    2. NETSH wlan show interfaces
    3. NETSH wlan show networks
    4. NETSH wlan show profiles
    5. NETSH wlan show settings

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By Ammar Hasayen Posted in Windows

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