Mapped Drives in VISTA

I want kindly to share this with you as I faced hard time trying to figure it out…

Problem :

I have my Document folders mapped to a network drive z:\documents , I tried to install an application and I got (Error 1327.Invalid Drive: Z:\)


When you log on to vista and you are member of administrators ,you will have two tokens (regular user token and administrator token) .Mapped drives are created using the regular user token . Keep in mind that MSI usually checks for access to the Documents folder

When you install an application, you will be prompted for UAC. When you click (Continue) for the UAC ,your administrator token is used to handle the installation .The administrator token is not aware of mapped drives (as they are created using the regular user token) , so this error will happen.


1.Right click on Command Prompt in the Start Menu and selected Run
As Administrator.
2. Type “Net Use z: \\servershare\shares$\username\

3. Exit out of the command prompt

essentially you map it once for the user, once for the administrator

By Ammar Hasayen Posted in Windows

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