Exchange 2007 HUB Receive Connectors

One of the most important things when dealing with HUB Receive connectors is to understand the permissions ,rights and types assigned to each receive connector.

This Technet article explains everything in details ( .But I would like to write some important notes:

-First Note : DONT allow all IPv6 IP Ranges when configuring receive connectors.

-Receive connectors scopes consist of four things :

    1. Permission Groups :
      1. Anonymous
      2. Exchange Users
      3. ExchangeServers
      4. ExchangeLegacyServers
      5. Partner
    2. Authentication Types:
      1. Basic
      2. Basic over TLS
      3. Integrated
      4. None
      5. ExternalAuthoritative
      6. TLS
      7. ExchangeServer
    3. Usage Type : This links the Permission Group to an Authentication Method.
      1. Client
      2. Internet
      3. Intranet
      4. Custom
      5. Partner
    4. Rights  :  for example , Anonymous Group can send emails to accepted domains while Exchange users can relay emails to outside.

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