Microsoft Lifecycle Manager 2007 Under the cover Guide !!

I want to share with you my personal guide that I wrote after spending sometime working with Microsoft Lifecycle Manager 2007 – Microsoft Certificate Lifecycle Manager 2007 FP1.

The guide explains in details the operation of CLM 2007 and all the possible scenarios that you can think of.This guide is built on my personal experience and you are free to adopt the recommendations in the guide.

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Guide Link:

The guide Index:

1 Certificate Templates.

2 Pre-CLM Installation..

2.1 Hardware and setup.

2.2 Modify AD Schema.

2.3 Enable the default KeyRecoveryAgent certificate template.

2.4 Create AD Accounts for CLM..

3 CLM Installation (Same server as CA)

3.1 Installation Walk Through.

3.2 Configuring CLM 2007 Using the CLM Configuration Wizard.

3.3 CLM IIS Site needs SSL Certificate.

4 Post Installation Tasks.

4.1 Export the CLM Users certificates.

4.2 Configuring the Certificate Lifecycle Manager 2007 Service.

4.3 Configure the CLM policy module.

4.4 Configure the CLM Exit module.

4.5 Configure additional policy modules.

4.6 Create CLM Users and Groups.

4.7 CLM Site.

4.8 Understand CLM Rights and Permissions.

5 Configuring Profile Templates.

5.1 Smart Card Profile Templates.

6 Appendix.

6.1 Appendix A : CONTOSO Encryption Class IS V1.

6.2 CONTOSO Signing/Authentication Class IIS V1.

6.3 CLM System users.

6.4 Installing and Configuring Certificate Lifecycle Manager 2007 Client

6.5 What will happen if scenarios

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