Powershell Corporate Report for DistributionGroups


I am working on a new naming convention for a corporate address book. They are running Exchange 2010. The process includes converting group restriction with moderation, and populates the Manager attribute for all groups beside other stuff.

I have created a PowerShell script that will scan the whole organization and send an email to IT Admins that contains three things:

  1.     Summary Statistics
  2.     Detailed CSV about each distribution group
  3.     Detailed CSV about each Dynamic Group

 Summary Statistics includes:

  •      Total Number of Distribution Groups and Total Number of Dynamic Groups
  •      Number of Empty Groups
  •      Number of groups that requires Sender Authentication
  •      Number of empty groups
  •      Number of groups without manager
  •      Number of (Open to Join) groups
  •      Number of (Approve to Join) groups
  •      Number of (Closed to join) groups
  •      Number of (Open to depart) groups
  •      Number of (Closed to depart) groups
  •      Number of invalid groups
  •      Number of Moderated Groups

Each CSV File contains info about each group including:

  •          Group Name
  •          Group Member Count
  •          Group Parent OU
  •          Group Hidden or not
  •          Group Moderated or not
  •         Group Requiring Sender Authentication or not
  •          Group valid or not
  •          Group Type ( universal, global,…) and (security enabled or not)
  •          Group Manager
  •          Group Empty or not
  •          Group contains nested groups or not

Note: Thanks to this article . I took the idea and modify it :


Please find the final script attached to this post 



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