Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 Address Book Automatic distribution

Hi everyone,

Long time since i last posted something, here you go a  nice tip i discovered today.

Some background : 

Offline Address Book (a.k.a OAB) is simply an address list that your Office Outlook download from Exchange so that your Office outlook can have access to corporate contacts while offline.

Office Outlook will download this address book from Exchange using two methods:

  1. Legacy Method :  From Public Folders
  2. New Method : From the IIS of CAS servers at your organization

Yes I recommend you only use the second option always even if you have Public Folders deployed.

OAB Distribution : The Problem

Now, imagine you are using web distribution for Exchange Offline address book and as we all know, you can do this by going to the GUI Admin console, Organization >Mailbox >Offline address book.

I used here to check the box (Enable Web Based Distribution) and then Click Add , and then wait for the console to pull all the CAS server and then manually add the OAB virtual directories.. OMG this was painful thing…

Imagine that you have many sites and many CAS server and you added a new one, you have to remember to go here and add it as an OAB distribution point


OAB Distribution : The New Way

So now i have found a new and easy way to configure Exchange to automatically distribute address book from all CAS servers automatically 🙂

Do the following :

  • Go to Exchange GUI > Organization >Mailbox> Offline Address Book > Distribution, and uncheck the (Enable Web Based Distribution)
  • Set the (GlobalWebDistributionEnabled) to true


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