Exchange Email Moderation Script Report

Sometimes, when you deal with dynamic groups in Exchange , you usually should moderate those groups specially if those groups represents all employees in specific country or office,etc.

The strange thing about Moderated dynamic groups is the fact that you cannot view the moderation info of a moderated group from the Exchange Admin console, you need to go to powershell to do that.

Also, many times, you want to give your IT teams, or business people, a documentation about moderation info in the organization. In my case, i have a script that generate an excel sheet with all moderated groups, along with the moderation info for each group and i publish them via email enabled sharePoint list.

Here is the script (delivered in Word format, pls past it to notepad and change the extension to PS1)

Group Moderation Info

Script Feature :

Generate CSV with option to email it, with info about all moderated groups and the following info :

  1. Name
  2. ModerationEnabled
  3. ModeratedBy
  4. BypassModerationFromSendersOrMembers
  5. SendModerationNotifications
  6. ManagedBy
  7. RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled
  8. WindowsEmailAddress
  9. Type

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