Exchange Email Recipient Statistics Script Report

Wow, so excited to publish this script that i made two years ago.

Sometimes, when you restore some mailboxes, you may need to know on which mailbox database a specific mailbox is hosted in, at the point of restore.

Imagine you want to restore your mailbox to 3 month back in time. In order to do that, you need to know in which database your mailbox was hosted before 3 months. Sometimes, you keep moving mailboxes for migration or to redistribute mailboxes and you got lost in tracking. So you may need someway a snapshot of all your user mailbox data in different points of time.

This was my trigger to create this script. The script is easy, you can just run it now and no customization is needed.


Click in the below link to download the script. The script is delivered in Microsoft Word format because there is a limitation on the type of documents that can be shared here. Just copy it to a notepad and save it with PS1 extension

Email Recipient Statistics R1

Script Features :

Generate Excel sheet for the following properties for each mailbox in your organization and will send it via email to you :

  1. AccountName
  2. DisplayName
  3. Office
  4. Country
  5. Department
  6. Manager
  7. Title
  8. EmployeeID
  9. OU
  10. Alias
  11. OutlookPicture
  12. PrimarySMTPAddress
  13. MailboxDatabase
  14. VoiceMail
  15. MailboxCreation
  16. LastLogonName
  17. MailboxSize
  18. MailboxQuotaHealth
  19. HasArchive
  20. ArchiveDB
  21. ArchiveSize
  22. ArchiveQuota
  23. ArchiveWarningQuota
  24. ArchiveQuotaStatus


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