PKI – CA Disaster Recovery Documentation

The following information should be documented:

  • CA Name
  • Computer Name
  • Distinguished name Suffix
  • CA Database path
  • CA Log files path
  • CAPolicy File
  • Key Length
  • CRL and AIA publication points
  • Cryptographic Service Provider CSP
  • Certificate Templates definition ( in worst case ,Active Directory should be rebuilt)
  • Permission and Users Rights Assignments
  • All specific settings in the properties of the CA in the Certification Authority consol
  • Any post installation script
  • Logical Disk Partitioning scheme for a CA computer : When restoring CA ,the disk volumes must implement the same drive letters. Disk volumes can be different in size or implement different RAID levels, but thee drive letters and location must remain the same for the A database ,log files and CA configuration folder (if implemented) and operating system

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