BitLocker User Guide Policy

One of the most important things when you decide to roll out BitLocker at your corporate, is simply communicating this to your business users. Not only they deserve to know about encryption on their laptops, they should be aware of this encryption and need to know what to do when for example they forget the start-up PIN. They should also be aware not to share or write down the BitLocker start-up PIN if any, and that they shall not disable encryption on their machines if they have administrative rights.

Prepare your organization for BitLocker: Planning and Policies

Getting back to my lovely Contoso corporation, the IT guys there decided to communicate the enrollment for BitLocker on Laptops and use a combination of TPM and start-up PIN. The BitLocker User Guide contains the following sections :

  • What is BitLocker?
  • Will I notice a difference?
  • How BitLocker works?
  • Creating your pin
  • Changing the PIN
  • What if I forget my PIN?
  • Protecting Data drives with BitLocker
  • Protecting USB drives with BitLocker
  • Standby Mode (Sleep Option)
  • Will BitLocker effect performance of my laptop?
  • Removing BitLocker protection Policy


Download  Contoso BitLocker User Guide

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