Exchange 2010 Database Mobility – Restore Database to another server

I remember those days when we were working on legacy Exchange servers and the whole concept of Storage Groups. OMG, i hate those days. Storage groups created some kind of boundary that give us all hard time in Exchange recovery scenarios. Now with the new versions of Exchange, you can mount database anywhere in your environment . This is a hug thing and they call it (Database Mobility). So consider the following scenario.

If you have an Exchange Mailbox server that fails but the SAN or disk database files are accessible, you can mount the DB on another server. here is how you can do it :

1. Attach the database files to a drive on the new mailbox server.

2. Use eseutil to check the health of the database

             Eseutil /MH database.edb |findstr “state:”

3. If the database is dirty shutdown and log files are available, then perform soft recovery : From the folder that contains the log files, type :

                eseutil /r E00 /d G:\Data\databaseFolderPath

Note: Replace E00 with log prefix

4. Finally, create new DB on the new server, mark it as over writable, dismount it , switch files.

5. Point the user to the new DB by running  :

Get-Mailbox  -Database oldDB | Set-Mailbox –Database newDB

6. Outlook clients will automatically pick up the new info.

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