Exchange DAG Database Layout and Activation Preference Script Report

[April 2015 – New version is available now (Version 2) that includes the following features]:

– Support for Exchange 2013

– Ability to filter by DAG list

I’m back scripting. This time, i created a script that will target your Exchange DAGs and will pull all information regarding database preference and mount server information.

At the end, the script will automatically send you an email with HTML table that summarize all your DAG objects, and for each DAG , we will list all databases in the DAG and mailbox servers participating in that DAG. Highlighting and numbering will reflect Activation preference and at the end you will get a summary of total copies and mounting status.

Do you remember Ross Smith’s Excel sheet with the calculator and there is part where the calculator will give you excel table with database distribution. Well, this is exactly the same , but with real data.


In the HTML output table, you can see :

  • Yellow Cells : database is mounted on this server and this server happen to be the Activation preference = 1 for that database
  • Red Cells     : database is mounted on this server and this server happen to be the Activation preference not = 1 for that database
  • Green Cells : The server is hosting a copy of that database
  • Total Copies : Total number of database copies on that server
  • Ideal Mounted DB Copies : according to your activation preference, how many database copies should be mounted on that server
  • Actual Mounted DB Copies : actual number of databases mounted on this server at tun time

Download Script here

You can download the script from Microsoft Script Gallery here.

Release notes

Just download and run !!

The script needs only Exchange PowerShell and an the account which runs the script should be at least member of the Exchange View Administrators (read access only)

You can just pull the script and run it. Modify the script’s SMTP settings to receive the output HTML Table via email.

3 comments on “Exchange DAG Database Layout and Activation Preference Script Report

  1. Great Script….
    I just noticed that yours shows the databases sorted in order….when the report runs for me it doesn’t sort them. Is this a easy change? add in the line a -sort command?

    • Hi..can you check if the output is sorted by databases hosted in the same server? I guess thats the point right? When designing the script, its about DB distribution for each server, so it makes sense to output them that way.

      • Actually you are right! We are in the process of maintenance of whitespace and all that fun stuff on the databases. So everything looked off! Thanks again!

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