You Bit !! Active Directory AD Computer Statistics Script Report (With Charts)

We are all used to csv file formats, HTML tables and other form of presenting information when scripting using powershell. This is very nice if you want to get deep analysis.

But wouldn’t it be better if you can have chart graphical representation ? I bit you do.

This script when you download it and run it, will go to your AD, get computer objects, break them down to servers and workstations, and will give you full overview of the O.S versions in your Avtive Directory

Download the Script

You can download the script from here Get-ADComputerVersionReport.ps1

Script Charts 

When you run the script, you will get a nice HTML table that contains overall statistics of all computers in your AD and a breakdown per O.S

The email that you will receive contains a chart for workstation OS breakdown, and a chart for server OS breakdown.

PowerShell Computer  OS Report

PowerShell Computer Server OS Report

Script Filtering

You can search the script code for a line that starts with ( -SearchBase “DC=Contoso,DC=Com) and un comment it by deleting the (#), and then enter any LDAP Path to scope the script to a certain LDAP path.

For example, you can use SearchBase = “OU= …., OU=…., DC=contoso,DC=com”

Script Output

1.   Email that contains

    • HTML Table with full statistics
    • Two charts : one for servers and one for Workstations

2.  CSV file with extensive information , generated in the script working directory

Tell me what do you think.

3 comments on “You Bit !! Active Directory AD Computer Statistics Script Report (With Charts)

  1. Thank you for the very interesting report … However, I will be interested to see if there is a way to drill down and get the details of each and every item ! specially the workstation part.

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