Tips when buying a new home laptop

If you are thinking of buying a new laptop for your home or for your personal use , then there are some tips you may find here that can help you out.I am assuming you are a Windows user and not considering one of those Mac laptops.


1. RAM (Physical Memory)

When buying a new laptop, 4 GB RAM is the ideal thing. Less RAM is not efficient, higher RAM for home usage is wasting money.

2. Disk

Generally speaking, make sure your disk is fast. 7200 RPM is the minimum. It is fast and will make your laptop run faster.

If you want super fast disk, you can spend more money and get your future laptop with the new SSD hard disk. SSD stands for (Solid State Drive) and it is super fast but comes smaller in size and costs little much.

Usually for home use laptops, hard disk size is not important unless you want to download many videos and pictures. 500GB size hard disk is more than enough generally speaking.

3. Processor

For home usage, make sure your laptop comes with dual core processors or even quad cores.
Processors nowadays comes with Intel Core i3, Core i5, core i7,….
Core i5 is better than Core i3, and Core i7 is better than both. Usually Core i5 is a good choice for home users at the time of writing this blog post.

4.  Ports

If you want to attach your laptop to your HD home screen, it is better to check if your future laptop comes with HDMI port.
At the time of writing this blog, USB 3.0 is the latest standard for USB. It is good to have a laptop that supports USB 3.0 because it is really faster.

5.  Screen Size

It depends on your preference. Usually laptops comes with different size of screens. 14 inch laptop screen is the medium size.

6. Touch Screen

As Windows 8 comes with as a touch enabled operating system, you can see many new laptops with touch screens. I have one of those and the experience is really nice. Nevertheless, you will not usually use the touch screen most of the time.

Touch Enabled Laptops _232

7.  Brand

Make sure you are buying a laptop from a famous brand. HP, DELL, LG, Samsung, TOSHIBA,…

8.  Do you really need a laptop at home?

If you want to browse internet, connect to social media channels (Facebook,YouTube, and twitter) and that’s it, then buying a tablet nowadays can be a good alternative.
On the other hand, if you want to use Microsoft office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint,..) or install custom video and media players, then tablets will not be a good choice.

Note: As technology changes so fast, those tips applies until one year from now.

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