Security Academy – Registration Is Open

Hi everyone, and welcome to the opening of the Security Academy. Let me tell you more about this easy to register academy.

IT Security is a hot topic nowadays, and we always hear about big organizations  getting attacked by cyber criminals. Moreover, have a look at your home computer and tell me if you are sure it does not host malware.

Security awareness and best practices are not something that many IT people posses or know about. So i thought that we can establish a small academy that can introduce the simplest security principles in a structured way.

Let us jump to the cost. The cost of this academy is five minutes from your time per blog post. Posts are short, simple to learn and direct to the point.

To schedule for courses, just filter this blog with the (Security Academy) tag or category and you will get a list of the available courses of this academy.

The first course is (Course 100), which will introduce the basic terms and concepts that you need to know in the IT security. Courses are marked as Course 101, Course 102,…etc.

Courses will become available online each couple of days. Take your time reading them and enjoy your time.

Here is the link to your first course (Course 101 :

Security Academy_232

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