Get Exchange Distribution Groups Manager

Hi again,

I got a request to list all distribution groups and their managers in a csv file. This way, you can quickly see which groups that do not have a manager 🙂

The script is simple, just run it from Exchange Management Shell, and supply the following parameters:

  1. File : required the csv file name and path to save the output csv
  2. OU : optional. used to narrow the scope of the script to a certain OU.

Get managers of all groups and export results to c:\files.csv”
PS C:\>Get-ExchangeDGManagers -file “c:\file.csv”

Get managers of all groups under the specified OU.
PS C:\>Get-ExchangeDGManagers -OU “ou=mailing groups, dc = contoso, dc=com” -file “c:\file.csv”

Download the script 

You can find the script here: Get-ExchangeDistributionGroupManagers


Get-ExchangeDGManager Snapshot


2 comments on “Get Exchange Distribution Groups Manager

  1. Ammar,

    Thank you for you help on this. I need something that will only get the DLs owned by a list of usersname i’ve got in a CSV file. If it would make things easier, I have the OU path for the each user.

    Not sure if it helps but we’re running Exchange 10.

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