Custom Windows 8.1 Image – Part 7

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This blog post is interesting indeed. Let me explain why.

I got a requirement that the custom Windows 8.1 machine should have the corporate wallpaper as a lock screen. The Marketing department created a nice wallpaper with the company logo and they want it to be set as the default lock screen. Users can choose to change it later, but at least it should be set as the default lock screen. Let us assume that the corporrate custom locks screen image that we need to set is named corp.png

I thought that this was easy. Remember that the Reference Machine is never activated nor have the license key. So while in audit mode, I tried to set the lock screen with corp.png and guess what ?! I cannot set it because the lock screen option is greyed and and not available because Windows is not activated !!

Here is the a nice trick that I used and it works everytime. The trick is completely described in a nice way here This guy is amazing and the way and effort he put in the video is nothing but brilliant. Once thing though, is that the corp.png should be cop.jpg to work with Windows 8.1, and ofcourse the resolution should be exactly as described in the YouTube link. Mainly, you will replace img100.jpg located under C:\Windows\Web\Screen\ with  your own custom jpg after renaming it to img100 with jpg extension, and delete all jpg files located under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData subfolders, all that while booting from WinPE.

So after watching the video, I convert the format of corp.png to corp.jpg and make sure it is in the right resolution, I then placed it in the D:\corp.jpg on the Reference Machine, boot in WinPE, do the trick in the YouTube video, boot in the reference machine which will lead me back to audit mode, and then continue the steps of creating the image. Nicely done !

Now, when Ii deliver Windows  8.1 to end users, they will get the new shiny corporate lock screen. So professional and looks right.

Check out my YouTube Windows 8 Advertisement 2 minute Video :


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  7. Great blog. Lots of detail and easy to understand. My question is when you have to repeat this process to update the image, what do you do if you can only sysprep a machine a limited number of times. Thanks

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