New Exchange Organization Report (version 2) is coming soon

The new version is available now here :


I got a lot of requests to have version 2 for more customization and cross version support.

I am glad to tell you that i am working on version 2 of the report with initially the below features in mind:

  • Support of all versions of Exchange, including Exchange 2013
  • Support for enhanced filtering. Three filters will be available :
    • Filter by DAG Name : you can enter list of DAGs to include on the report
    • Filter by Server -Like switch : for example Server -like “*NYC*
    • Filter called OnlyTheseServers : so you can do something like -OnlyTheseServers srv1,srv2,srv3
  • Enhanced error handling : There is huge effort to handle many of situation where error popup because of connectivity issues or unexpected nulls
  • Option to enable remote PowerShell connectivity for pulling WMI data in case you have enabled PowerShell remoting on your servers to use HTTP, instead of RPC
  • New Report to show DAG layout across mailbox servers and their activation preference.
  • Big efforts on charts. Now charts will scale automatically depending on the number of items in the input data.
  • Verbose mode to enable enhance troubleshooting
  • More friendly try catch blocks to show friendly warning messages and location of errors if any.

Those are initially the new features in mind. I hope you all will like it.

I hope i can finish coding it  before I fly to TechEd North America 11th May 2014.

Chart Bars232

3 comments on “New Exchange Organization Report (version 2) is coming soon

  1. Thanks Ammar, I am really looking forward to review version 2 which incluides Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2013, would be a great one for sure!

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