Configuration Manager Randoms

Sometimes, you may see that your Management Point is rejected registration from some clients for different reasons, and you will get the GUID of that client. One example of such errors is (MP has rejected a message from GUID:……..) where Message Error ID = 5447



Sometimes, you will get Error ID 5445 “MP has rejected registration request due to failure in client certificate (Subject Name: XXXX) chain validation” but without any GUIDs. You may have to go to your Management Point, browse to Program Files\Microsoft\SMS_CCM\Logs and read the MP_RegistrationManager log. From there you can search for the certificate subject name and get the GUID of that machine.

It is always about GUIDS when shit happens in Config Manager, and the challenge to identify that resource by name so you can go there and read the logs.

There are three ways to convert that GUID to a name:

SQL Query

Just open the SQL Management Studio, connect to your Config Manager SQL database and run this:

SMS_Unique_Identifier0 LIKE '%FFF8C47-4156-4A34-B5AD-4B8D483FFA7D'


Add GUID column to ALL SYSTEMS built in Query

Just add the column to the existing all system query and put the System.Resource.Configuration Manager Unique Identifier in Search bar u will get the Client name.



I will redirect you to this blog post to see sample script to do this.

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