Exchange Dashboard Email Report – New version available v2.4.9

Hi everyone,

I am so glad that many people are downloading and using the Get-CorpEmailReport in their networks to get a full overview of their Exchange Environment. The script has two main features:

  1. It works with all version of Exchange [Up to Ex2013].
  2. It reports Exchange Office 365 users.

I have updated the script from version 2.4.8 to 2.4.9 and i have included couple of fixes:

  • Bug fixes in loading Exchange Management Shell if the Exchange is installed in a drive other than C:\.
  • Bug fixes in loading Exchange Management Shell on Exchange 2013.
  • Now the script supports and report on latest Exchange 2013 version.

You can read more about the script here, and you can download it directly from Microsoft Script Gallery here.

Charts with PowerShell 5

Charts with PowerShell 3


5 comments on “Exchange Dashboard Email Report – New version available v2.4.9

  1. Hi,
    great work as usual but there is something wrong with Update Rollup function ’cause Update Rollup 10 and/or 11 are never detected.


  2. The problem is related to line 2990 where you compare integer with string using -ge
    if ($tRU -ge $RollupLevel) { $RollupLevel=$tRU; $RollupVersion=$tRUV }
    parsing all Update Rollup you find
    4 -ge 0 –> True
    5 -ge 4 –> True

    10 -ge 9 –> FALSE ’cause of powershell way of compare
    I solved it modifyng line 2987 fom
    $tRU = $_.Split(” “)[2]
    $tRU = $_.Split(” “)[2] as [int]
    That is not the best way but I’m not a programmer.


    P.S. This way I have
    2015-10-05 14:38:51: – RollupLevel : 10

  3. Thank you very much sir.I am using this wonderful script for quite a while now. Extremely useful and my manager loves the pictures that I sent him on a monthly basis. But something awful happened… Since the MS January patches it does not work anymore. In my output in the PS Shell I get an error message stating that “You must provide a value for this property”. My best guess is that it has to do with the Get-MailboxDatabase -Status commands and that it can’t load the $ExchangeServersList from memory. Perhaps MS16-003 is the culprit. Has anyone experienced this as well?

  4. Hello ,
    That is an excellent script.
    Is there a possibility of checking only those servers which are mentioned in txt file.
    The servers fqdn will be mentioned.

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