5 comments on “Exchange Dashboard Email Report – New version available v2.4.9

  1. Hi,
    great work as usual but there is something wrong with Update Rollup function ’cause Update Rollup 10 and/or 11 are never detected.


  2. The problem is related to line 2990 where you compare integer with string using -ge
    if ($tRU -ge $RollupLevel) { $RollupLevel=$tRU; $RollupVersion=$tRUV }
    parsing all Update Rollup you find
    4 -ge 0 –> True
    5 -ge 4 –> True

    10 -ge 9 –> FALSE ’cause of powershell way of compare
    I solved it modifyng line 2987 fom
    $tRU = $_.Split(” “)[2]
    $tRU = $_.Split(” “)[2] as [int]
    That is not the best way but I’m not a programmer.


    P.S. This way I have
    2015-10-05 14:38:51: – RollupLevel : 10

  3. Thank you very much sir.I am using this wonderful script for quite a while now. Extremely useful and my manager loves the pictures that I sent him on a monthly basis. But something awful happened… Since the MS January patches it does not work anymore. In my output in the PS Shell I get an error message stating that “You must provide a value for this property”. My best guess is that it has to do with the Get-MailboxDatabase -Status commands and that it can’t load the $ExchangeServersList from memory. Perhaps MS16-003 is the culprit. Has anyone experienced this as well?

  4. Hello ,
    That is an excellent script.
    Is there a possibility of checking only those servers which are mentioned in txt file.
    The servers fqdn will be mentioned.

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