SharePoint Workflow Designer as RDP APP

If you are responsible of writing SharePoint workflows using the SharePoint designer, I want to share with you a small tip when it comes to using the SharePoint designer console.

Usually, you have SharePoint servers and perhaps Workflow Manager in your data center, and you may have installed the SharePoint designer at your machine and connect remotely in order to start coding workflows.

SharePoint Workflow Designer Tips P1 233622

What I do not like in this case is the dependency on the link.  Sometimes you work remotely from a hotel room connecting to unreliable wireless network, connecting VPN to your corporate network, opening the SharePoint designer console from your machine and opening a very big workflow definition code, do some modifications and hitting Publish. You do not know what will happen if the network connectivity is not reliable.

What I prefer is to have a Remote Desktop server in the data center to do administrative tasks for different thing. You can then install the SharePoint designer in that remote desktop server, and then you can log remotely to that server and open the SharePoint designer from there. That way, when you hit Publish workflow, the changes will be pushed from the terminal server to that SharePoint farm without depending on any unreliable connection. Furthermore, I also have exported the SharePoint designer as a remote web app and copy it to my desktop. Whenever I want to use the designer, I just open the RDP file in my machine, which will connect using RDP to the RDS server in the data-center and give me a great experience.

SharePoint Workflow Dashboard Tip 4269

Even if you connect from your hotel room, connecing via unreliable wireless network via VPN to your corporate network, you will RDP to that RDS server, use the SharePoint designer from there, open your big workflow code, do your changes, hitting Publish, and you do not worry about anything. In fact, you can close your VPN connection and the background, the SharePoint designer will take its time publishing your workflow changes without any networking issues.

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