About Ammar Hasayen

Technology Enthusiasm, Blogger, IT Security Expert and Microsoft Technology Specialist. 


Email: me@ammarhasayen.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ammarhasayen

Blog:  http://ammarhasayen.com

RSS: https://ammarhasayen.com/feed/

Business Card:https://www.mcpvirtualbusinesscard.com/VBCServer/ammarhasayen/interactivecard

Professional Experience

I start working as a pre-sales for ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) services since I was one of very few holding the ITIL certificate in the region.

From there I moved to another place to learn more about the fundamentals of IT networks, everything from CISCO switches/routers and firewalls/VPN solutions. This is when I got couple of certificates in this field. To me understanding network fundamentals is a key thing for any IT Pro, so I got my hands dirty in PC maintenance and support.

After mastering the networking stack, I focused on Windows client and server operating system, since the Windows 2000 days. At that time, I mastered Active Directory and everything that has to do with Microsoft Infrastructure back then. This is when I got my MCP, MCSA, MCSE certifications, specializing in Active Directory design and planning. What helped me back then is the AD migrations and child domains projects that I participated in.

From Active Directory to ISA/TMG products, I had the chance to do big implementations of Microsoft ISA/TMG servers in multiple sites, including big data centres and high availability configuration. I become so good in routing and firewall logic that I got my MCP in ISA in no time. Since I worked before in Active Directory and Kerberos, I got the chance to perform complex publishing configuration like Kerberos constrained delegation for corporate portals.

The next two years for me were all about studying the science of Cryptography and the mathematical problems around it. This includes encryption theory, hashing techniques, public and private keys, certificate services, offline root CA, and reading a lot of books written by the cryptography guru (Bruce Schneier). From there, I started working on big projects involving Microsoft PKI solutions and Enterprise Certificate Services in multi-tier and complex hierarchies.

PKI is a very complex topic and the skill to deal with it is rare nowadays, so I continued working and implementing PKI solutions like EFS (Encrypted File Systems), SMIM for secure emails, Wireless Security (PEAP, EAP-TLS) with both user and computer certificates, Data Recovery Agents (DRA), Key Recovery Agents (KRA) , SSL bridging, and more.

I then get involved in enterprise Smart Cards Implementation (two factor authentication) by using Gemalto smart cards and Microsoft Certificate Services. Deploying smart cards to employees is the easy part, but to manage such infrastructure I learned and implemented Microsoft Forefront Certificate Management (FIM/CM) to issue, manage, replace and revoke smart cards.

In parallel, I was working on my Microsoft Exchange skills as I was handling the support side for 8000+ mailboxes in a big enterprise for couple of years. I then focused for couple of years on mastering the product as I was part of the team to migrate Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 during a consolidation project in data centres and then upgrading to Exchange 2010. I become the leader of the team managing and designing the mail service in very big enterprise and I this is why I got my MCTS and MCITP certificates in Exchange back then.

Nothing can be perfect without Microsoft System Centre. I lead the efforts for couple of years for deploying and managing SCCM and SCOM. SCCM Software deployment, update management, hardware inventory and SCOM management back authoring and tuning became part of my work for some time.

I was so happy when PowerShell was first introduced as it always makes the job easy. Studying PowerShell and how to write complex scripts to manage, alert and report on infrastructure services, become my passion for a long time, and I started to share my scripts in Microsoft script gallery and in my personal blog.

I can say that this is a good brief about my experience history as an IT Pro. Every couple of years, I travel to attend Microsoft TechEd conferences to keep my self-updated with the newest technology trends.

In my free time, I try to share my knowledge and experience in my Personal Blog because when it comes to technical writing, I find myself very good technical writer.

Aside from that, I invest time to work on my soft skills, like database modelling and SQL language, VB.net, ASP.net, Java script, and general web development skills.

After hours, I am usually at gym or watching football games, cheering for my favourite football game.

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